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Quantum Sensing & Computing

Over the past 70 years, miniaturization of electronic components has resulted in advances and sophistication of new paradigms in sensing and computing, especially by exploiting opportunities of quantum mechanical effects such as quantum state,  quantum entanglement and quantum interference. An important building block for both quantum sensing and computing is quantum bit or “qubit”, which is analogous to the bit as 0s and 1s or spin “up and down”. However, qubits can represent not only 0,and 1, but also superposition of the 1 and 0 states, which opens unique opportunities. This property allows quantum sensors to use entanglement to improve measurement precision, and quantum computers to perform simultaneous computations beyond what can be done with their classical counter systems.

One of the grand challenges in this exciting endeavor has been the fabrication of a reliable qubit.  With 20 years of  experience on the synthesis of low-dimensional nanomaterials and developing our core technologies, we believe this knowledge will help us towards novel qubit fabrications, qubit connectivity and entanglement between each other and with the environment. By customizing the host matrix and dopants as building blocks and their interactions through specific mediator compounds, it is possible to control quantum states at the single particle level. We are working to combine quantum materials design, synthesis and quantum information processing to seek a leap in quantum sensing and computing through the discovery of new qubit technology.

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