Innovation through science

Honda Research Institute (HRI) was established in 2003 in Japan, the United States, and Europe. Our mission is to adopt a scientific process to create technologies beyond the automotive domain and into new frontiers. The global HRI research is engaged in the areas of Cooperative Intelligence, Cooperative Devices, and Frontier Robotics towards a society where the relationship between intelligent cyber-physical systems (ICPS), humans, and nature are mutually beneficial.

Global Research Initiatives

Cooperative Devices
Cooperative Devices are novel physical entities with immersed computation that cooperatively work with each other in Intelligent Cyber Physical Systems (ICPS) that transcend the Internet of Things (IoT).
Frontier Robotics
One of HRI's new global research initiatives, Frontier Robotics, is exploring the development of an Intelligent Cyber Physical Systems (ICPS) in which robots support and enhance humans' activities.

Computer Science

Autonomous Systems
The Autonomous Vehicle Systems group is engaged in development and integration of multiple sensory modules and the coordination ... Expand
Human Centered AI
Human-Centered AI at Honda Research Institute involves projects that are inspired by human intelligence and includes ... Expand
Curious Minded Machines
The Curious Minded Machine is a collaboration among a diverse team of researchers to instill “curiosity” into intelligent ... Expand
HRI Driving Datasets
Honda Research Institute datasets are introduced to enable machine learning research related to traffic scene understanding, ... Expand

Material Science

Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
Our progresses in the understanding of growth mechanism and controllable synthesis have helped us to develop the pilot ... Expand
Synthesis and Studies of Nanomaterials
Synthesis and studies of growth mechanism and properties of low dimensional nanomaterials such as nanoparticles (0D), ... Expand
Advanced Batteries
The Post Lithium-ion Batteries group conducts fundamental and applied research in the area of secondary batteries such ... Expand
Advanced Material Science
Advanced characterization techniques are the core of our scientific work. ... Expand

Partner With Us

We are continuously seeking opportunities to work with academia and research institutions to create innovative technologies in areas that are fundamental to Honda's long-term strategy.

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