WACV-2023 drama

DRAMA: Joint Risk Localization and Captioning in Driving

S. Malla C. Choi I. Dwivedi J. H. Choi J. Li

IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) 2023

Considering the functionality of situational awareness in safety-critical automation systems, the perception of risk in driving scenes and its explainability is of particular importance for autonomous and cooperative driving. Toward this goal, this paper proposes a new research direction of joint risk localization in driving scenes and its risk explanation as a natural language description. Due to the lack of standard benchmarks, we collected a large-scale dataset, DRAMA (Driving Risk Assessment Mechanism with A captioning module), which consists of 17,785 interactive driving scenarios collected in Tokyo, Japan. Our DRAMA dataset accommodates video- and object-level questions on driving risks with associated important objects to achieve the goal of visual captioning as a free-form language description utilizing closed and open-ended responses for multi-level questions, which can be used to evaluate a range of visual captioning capabilities in driving scenarios. We make this data available to the community for further research. Using DRAMA, we explore multiple facets of joint risk localization and captioning in interactive driving scenarios. In particular, we benchmark various multi-task prediction architectures and provide a detailed analysis of joint risk localization and risk captioning. The data set will be available

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