WACV 2020 Ergo - Honda Research Institute USA

WACV 2020 Ergo

Spatio-Temporal Pyramid Graph Convolutions for Human Action Recognition and Postural Assessment

Behnoosh Parsa Athma Narayanan Behzad Dariush

IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, 2020

Recognition of human actions and associated interactions with objects and the environment is an important problem in computer vision due to its potential applications in a variety of domains. Recently, graph convolutional networks that extract features from the skeleton have demonstrated promising performance. In this paper, we propose a novel Spatio-Temporal Pyramid Graph Convolutional Network (ST-PGN) for online action recognition for ergonomics risk assessment that enables the use of features from all levels of the skeleton feature hierarchy. The proposed algorithm outperforms state-of-art action recognition algorithms tested on two public benchmark datasets typically used for postural assessment (TUM and UW-IOM). We also introduce a pipeline to enhance postural assessment methods with online action recognition techniques. Finally, the proposed algorithm is integrated with a traditional ergonomics risk index (REBA) to demonstrate the potential value for assessment of musculoskeletal disorders in occupational safety.

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