ICRA 2020 Egocentric GCN - Honda Research Institute USA

ICRA 2020 Egocentric GCN

Learning 3D-aware Egocentric Spatial-Temporal Interaction via Graph Convolutional Networks

Chengxi Li Yue Meng Stanley H. Chan Yi-Ting Chen

IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2020

To enable intelligent automated driving systems, a promising strategy is to understand how human drives and interacts with road users in complicated driving situations. In this paper, we propose a 3D-aware egocentric spatial-temporal interaction framework for automated driving applications. Graph convolution networks (GCN) is devised for interaction modeling. We introduce three novel concepts into GCN. First, we decompose egocentric interactions into ego-thing and egostuff interaction, modeled by two GCNs. In both GCNs, ego nodes are introduced to encode the interaction between thing objects (e.g., car and pedestrian), and interaction between stuff objects (e.g., lane marking and traffic light). Second, objects’ 3D locations are explicitly incorporated into GCN to better model egocentric interactions. Third, to implement ego-stuff interaction in GCN, we propose a MaskAlign operation to extract features for irregular objects.

We validate the proposed framework on tactical driver behavior recognition. Extensive experiments are conducted using Honda Research Institute Driving Dataset, the largest dataset with diverse tactical driver behavior annotations. Our framework demonstrates substantial performance boost over baselines on the two experimental settings by 3.9% and 6.0%, respectively. Furthermore, we visualize the learned affinity matrices, which encode ego-thing and ego-stuff interactions, to showcase the proposed framework can capture interactions effectively.

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