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Scientist for Quantum Material Synthesis

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Scientist for Nanomaterial Synthesis

Job Number: P22T01
​Honda Research Institute USA Inc. (HRI-US) located in San Jose CA, is seeking a scientist or senior scientist for cutting-edge research activities in materials synthesis and characterization aiming at studies of optical and electronic properties and application in quantum technologies. The successful applicant will take the role of synthesizing atomically-thin nanoribbons of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) based on in-house developed technologies, as well as transferring and fabricating electrical and optical devices based on nanoribbons. This position requires independent research skills, solid knowledge and experience in materials synthesis. Knowledge in quantum physics and quantum technologies such as quantum communications and quantum sensing will be welcome but not a must.
San Jose, CA

Key Responsibilities

  • Synthesizing atomically-thin nanoribbons of TMDs (e.g., MoS2, MoSe2, WS2, WSe2)
  • Explore synthetic method for encapsulated TMD nanoribbons.
  • Performing structural and property characterizations using SEM, TEM, AFM, Raman, and PL spectroscopy etc.
  • Transfer of the nanoribbons and fabrication of devices (transistor, sensor, photon emitter, etc.) from TMD nanoribbons.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Ph.D. in materials science or chemistry or applied physics or related fields. Postdoc experience is strongly preferred.
  • Experience in synthesis of nanomaterials through vapor-phase methods (CVD, MOCVD, etc.)
  • Materials characterization using electron microscopes (e.g., SEM, TEM, etc.) and spectroscopic (e.g., Raman, PL, etc.).
  • Experience in the electrical, optical, and magnetic properties of low dimensional materials measurement methods.

Bonus Qualifications

  • Knowledge of quantum physics.
  • Knowledge in quantum technologies including quantum communicationand quantum sensing.

Duration: 2 years

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