Minimally Disruptive Cooperative Lane-Change Maneuvers

Behdad Chalaki Vaishnav Tadiparthi Hossein Nourkhiz Mahjoub Jovin D’sa Ehsan Moradi-Pari Andres S. Chavez Armijos Anni Li and Christos G. Cassandras.

IEEE Control Systems Letters, vol. 7, pp. 1766-1771, 2023, Proceeding of 2023 IEEE 62st Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)

A lane-change maneuver on a congested highway could be severely disruptive or even infeasible without the cooperation of neighboring cars. However, cooperation with other vehicles does not guarantee that the performed maneuver will not have a negative impact on traffic flow unless it is explicitly considered in the cooperative controller design. In this letter, we present a socially compliant framework for cooperative lane-change maneuvers for an arbitrary number of CAVs on highways that aims to interrupt traffic flow as minimally as possible. Moreover, we explicitly impose feasibility constraints in the optimization formulation by using reachability set theory, leading to a unified design that removes the need for an iterative procedure used in prior work. We quantitatively evaluate the effectiveness of our framework and compare it against previously offered approaches in terms of maneuver time and incurred throughput disruption.

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Cognition, Wireless Communication