HFES 2022 Driving Styles

The Impacts of Adaptive Driving Styles on Trust in Level 2 Automated Vehicles: A Pilot Study

Y. Lee M. Dong V. Krishnamoorthy K. Akash Z. Zheng T. Misu G. Huang

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting (HFES) 2022

As autonomous vehicles (AVs) increase in popularity, it is necessary to understand the factors that may affect drivers’ willingness and performance using AVs. Trust is one of these factors, especially because current AVs are partially automated and may require drivers to take over; miscalibrated trust may impact safe driver-vehicle interaction. This study aimed to test the effects of adaptive AV driving modes under different road events on drivers’ trust, and observe corresponding driving behaviors. Twelve people participated in SAE Level 2 simulated drives and experienced a set of pedestrian- and traffic-related events under adaptive AV modes. Overall, drivers had marginally higher trust levels when the vehicle drove through pedestrian-related events. Additionally, drivers with higher trust in AVs preferred a more aggressive driving style and exhibited a reduced number of takeover attempts. Findings from this study can inform the design of future AVs.

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