ICSR-2022 Socially Aware

Socially-Aware Mobile Robot Trajectories for Face-to-Face Interactions

Y. Wen X. Wu K. Yamane S. Iba

14th International Conference on Social Robotics (ICSR 2022)

In this paper, we demonstrate through user studies that mobile robot trajectories that imitate human-to-human approach trajectories are perceived more socially acceptable in the face-to-face interaction scenario than those imitating point-to-point trajectories. We generate robot trajectories to/from a human standing at an arbitrary location by applying inverse optimal control to a human-to-human trajectory dataset. The cost function used in a previous work for modeling human point-to-point trajectories does not represent human-to-human trajectories due to the circular paths often observed around the target human. We therefore propose a new cost function motivated by the social force model. The user study confirms that the resulting trajectories are more preferred with statistical significance than baseline.

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