ACS Materials Lett 2022

Charge Transfer of Interfacial Catalysts for Hydrogen Energy

Fuzhan Song Tong Zhang Dexia Zhou Pengfei Sun Zhou Lu Hongtao Bian Jingshuang Dang Hong Gao Yuqin Qian Wei Li Nan Jiang Haley Dummer Jeremy G Shaw Shutang Chen Gugang Chen Yujie Sun Yi Rao

ACS Materials Lett. 2022, 4, 5,

The development of multifunctional non-precious transition metal electrocatalysts is technologically significant in hydrogen and oxygen electrochemistry but challenging. Here we exploit interface engineering to construct a novel interface catalyst of Ni3N and Co2N that exhibits multifunctional hydrogen and oxygen electrochemical activities in alkaline media. The interface catalysts of Ni3N/Co2N show superior bifunctional activity for hydrogen electrochemistry comparable to the state-of-the-art Pt catalyst, as well as high oxygen evolution reaction activity. Furthermore, the multifunctional Ni3N/Co2N interface electrocatalysts demonstrate excellent applications in water splitting for H2 generation and a highly stable Swagelok-type Ni–H battery for H2 utilization. Density functional theory calculations further confirm that the interfacial charge transfer from Ni to Co and N in Ni3N/Co2N efficiently enhances the dissociative adsorption of H2 and optimizes the adsorption configurations and binding energies of the intermediate hydrogen and hydroxide in the multifunctional reactions.

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