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Frontier Robotics

Frontier Robotics
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One of HRI's new global research initiatives, Frontier Robotics, is exploring the development of an Intelligent Cyber Physical Systems (ICPS) in which robots support and enhance humans' activities.

The ICPS concept envisions a variety of robots that are connected to high-speed networks at home and in public spaces working together to perform activities that save time, empower humans to expand their goals and provide empathetic support. Through the creation of avatars and autonomous intelligent entities, HRI's Frontier Robotics program is positioning robots to work alongside humans in collaborative, scalable networks aimed at extending human capabilities in the physical world while recognizing human intentions and emotions. Working with and learning from humans, robots have the capability of earning human trust; thus becoming more helpful.

By supporting human's physical, mental and emotional activities, HRI believes these intelligent and collaborative robots can improve humans' quality of life, allowing friends, families, and communities to spend more time together in life-affirming activities.