Cooperative Intelligence

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Curious Minded Machines

Developing technology to quantify human performance.

Frontier Robotics

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Autonomous Systems

Testing automated and connected vehicle technology at GoMentum Station.

Cooperative Devices

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Home HRI-US Innovation through science

Innovation through science Honda Research Institute (HRI) was established in 2003 in Japan, the United States, and Europe. Our mission is to adopt a scientific...

Advanced Material Analysis

Advanced Material Science Research Area The Advanced Materials Analysis team explores a wide range of instruments and...

Advanced Batteries

Advanced Batteries Research Area Our team conducts fundamental and applied research in the area of post Lithium ion secondary...

Synthesis and Studies of Nanomaterials

Synthesis and Studies of Nanomaterials Research Area Synthesis and studies of growth mechanism and properties of low...

Cooperative Devices

Cooperative Devices Research Area The ability of cooperative devices to measure the human and environmental state, to process...

Curious Minded Machines

Curious Minded Machines Research Area Seeking to develop a type of artificial intelligence that enables life-long learning with...

Human Centered AI

Human Centered AI Research Area

Cooperative Intelligence

Cooperative Intelligence Research Area Cooperative intelligence is the ability for machines to optimally use limited resources...

Frontier Robotics

Frontier Robotics Research Area One of HRI's new global research initiatives, Frontier Robotics, is exploring the...

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