Partner With Us

HRI's Technology Partnering builds partnerships with the venture community, academia and national labs for collaborative opportunities in order to create synergy with Honda's long-term R&D strategy.


Honda's competitive advantage has always come from product innovation supported by strong R&D activities.  Our mission is to identify trends in innovation, scout technology partners to fulfill various long-term needs of Honda’s Research efforts in the areas of autonomous vehicle systems,  driving assist systems, energy storage, and advanced materials, and convert ideas into realizable collaborative projects. Technology areas of interest include:

Intelligent Systems

Our future products would be able to recognize, think, and act to increase safety, convenience and comfort. We are interested in technologies that would further our products' intelligence in the areas of sensing, perception, planning, and control. 

Alternative Energy

We are interested in novel technology which would improve the next generation energy storage systems.

Advanced Materials

New materials fuel the innovation engine that powers development of innovative products. We are looking for advanced material technologies to drive innovation in areas such as alternative energy and carbon based materials.



For submission, please send us a brief summary of your technology to or mail the information to:

Honda Research Institute USA, Inc.
Attention: Technology Partnering
375 Ravendale Dr .  Suite B
Mountain View, CA 94043

Please do not send us your confidential information without NDA, although in-depth information on your technology would be helpful to determine our interest. Someone on our team will review the proposal, and if it is something that we would like to pursue further, we will contact you.