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About Us ​Honda Research Institute, USA was established in 2003 as North America's advanced research center that provides...

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Introduction - H3D - Introductory Text

The H3D is a large scale full-surround 3D multi-object detection and tracking dataset. It is gathered from HDD dataset, a large scale naturalistic driving dataset collected in San Francisco Bay Area.

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This dataset corresponds to the paper,  "The H3D Dataset for Full-Surround 3D Multi-Object Detection and Tracking in Crowded Urban Scenes" , as it appears in...

Introduction - HDD - Introductory Text

HDD Introduction The videos below provide examples of Goal-oriented driving behavior from the dataset. GPS coordinates together with sensor values from the CAN bus are shown on...

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Honda Research Institute USA (HRI-US) is at the cutting edge of Honda's research and development activities. Inspired by Honda's global slogan - The Power of Dreams - we pursue...

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This dataset corresponds to the paper, "Toward Driving Scene Understanding: A Dataset for Learning Driver Behavior and Causal Reasoning" , as it appears in CVPR 2018. In...

Human Behavior/State Understanding

The title includes multiple positions which focus on developing computer vision, signal processing, and machine learning algorithms for human-vehicle interactions in traffic scenes.