Computer Science

Computer science research is conducted in our Mountain View California research center. This division forcuses on technology innovation to support intelligent vehicle systems, human machine interaction, computer vision, and human centered design.​

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    Autonomous Systems
    The Autonomous Vehicle Systems group is engaged in development and integration of multiple sensory modules and the coordination of these components while fulfilling tasks such as stable motion planning, decision making, obstacle avoidance, and control.
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    Computer Vision
    The computer vision group is conducting cutting edge research in computer vision, machine learning, and robotics. We develop algorithms and prototype systems for driver assistance and autonomous systems.
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    Human-Machine Interaction
    The Human machine interaction group develop methods to improve safety and driving experience by monitoring driver and driving behavior, and designing appropriate multi-modal interfaces.
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    Human Motion Analysis
    Utilizing our expertise in biomechanics, robotics, and computer vision, we predict human movements from wearable sensor networks, and analyze the motion for applications involving ergonomic assessment in manufacturing, vehicle occupant package design, and physical human machine interaction.

Material Science

Material science research is conducted in our Columbus Ohio research center. The focus of this center is on advanced batteries and novel functional nano-materials to support Honda's future technology roadmap.

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    Synthesis and Studies of Nanomaterials
    Synthesis and studies of growth mechanism and properties of low dimensional nanomaterials such as nanoparticles (0D), nanotubes (1D), and single layer materials (2D) for alternative energy technologies are the core of our research.
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    Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
    Our progresses in the understanding of growth mechanism and controllable synthesis have helped us to develop the pilot technology (with collaborator) for large scale production of SWNTs with dominant abundance of metallic tubes that allows evaluation of their performances in actual industrial energy devices.
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    Advanced batteries
    The Post Lithium-ion Batteries group conducts fundamental and applied research in the area of secondary batteries such as new ionic conduction batteries.
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    Advanced Material Analysis
    Advanced characterization techniques are the core of our scientific work.