Human-Machine Interaction
Human-Machine Interaction
Research Area

Human Machine Interaction research at HRI-US is centered on technology innovation in the areas of advanced head-up displays,  driver monitoring,  and human centered design. The team develops new design methodologies, experiments with cutting edge interaction devices, develops novel algorithms for physical human-machine interaction, and explores new  in-vehicle interaction paradigms based on multisensory inputs.


We compute various musculoskeletal indicators of human performance when the driver is operating a vehicle under normal and emergency maneuvering.
We have developed online algorithms to transfer motion from a human demonstrator to Honda's humanoid robot, ASIMO.
The goal is to develop driving aids that enhance the driver's situational awareness and give drivers a sense of confidence and trust in the vehicles they are operating.
In Knowledge Discovery, we Integrate knowledge from multiple sources such as Wikipedia, Yahoo Question/Answers, Open Directory Project and OpenMind.
Probabilistic model to track dialog state and provide information to driver viaspoken dialog