Advanced electrode for energy devices

Advanced electrode for energy devices

Research Project
Project Goals

Due to their tremendous aspect ratio (up to 106), low density, good electrical/thermal properties and inertness in chemically aggressive environments SWNTs currently attract huge interest for modification and broadening of the properties of traditional materials in order to expand their durability and area of applications. Based on our experience and developed new technologies in the field we have launched a new project on carbon nanotube enforced materials, especially for battery electrode materials. By using an unique new method of mixing we have achieved very good dispersion and distribution of SWNTs in the electrode matrix (with collaborator). For example, by adding very small amount of nanotube, we could dramatically improve the properties of traditional electrode materials. Further technology development with our collaborators could be extended to the enforcement of other host materials such as ceramics, pure metals or mixing with solvents.

Research Area


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