[Human-Machine Interaction] Biomechanical Simulation of Human Movement - HRI-US

[Human-Machine Interaction] Biomechanical Simulation of Human Movement

[Human-Machine Interaction] Biomechanical Simulation of Human Movement

Job Number: P20INT-42
The project focuses on research and development of biomechanical simulation technology from motion data obtained from video inputs. The simulation is used for analysis and prediction of human performance for various applications including human-robot interaction, ergonomic risks assessment automation, and pose/action forecasting. You are expected to:
San Jose, CA
  • Create a full-body biomechanical simulation pipeline and analyze human motion using SimTK OpenSim environment.
  • Simulate various kinematic, dynamic, and musculoskeletal performance metrics.
  • Integrate developed pipeline with other software applications such as monocular human pose estimation software.
  • Contribute to a portfolio of patents, academic publications, and prototypes to demonstrate research value. 


  • Ph.D. or highly qualified M.S. candidate in computer science, engineering, or related field.
  • Strong familiarity with kinematics and dynamics of human movement.
  • Extensive experience in multi-body dynamic simulation packages.
  • Extensive experience in analysis and synthesis of human motion using OpenSim environment, and preferable experience using computed muscle control (CMC) algorithms.
  • Strong programming skills in Python and/or C++.

Bonus Qualifications:

  • Experience with deep learning libraries for 3D human pose estimation from video inputs and/or RGBD sensors.

Duration: 3 months

How to apply

Candidates must have the legal right to work in the U.S.A.​ Please add Cover Letter and CV in the same document